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You don't want to turn into a Windigo

posted: April 20, 2009

It is so satisfying to see how teachers, inspired by my books, create their own projects giving them their own twist.
Such is the case with Cheryle Walker-Hemingway & Amy Peckham at Friends Academy in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. They sent me the above email from their Early Childhood Program students together with a wonderful book.
I cannot post all the great portraits that were in it, so my apologies for randomly choosing some!
"Thank you for making the faces in the Mo and Jo book because we liked them and got inspired by them! We love the smelly dog book, too. You inspired us to make our own book and send it to you. We are so excited for you to read it!  It was fun making the faces. Thank you for writing your books because we love them so much. They are our favorite books in our classroom. We hope you like ours, too. Love, Willow, Fionnuala, A.J., Ally, Sophia, Breck, Sierra, Rook, Nico, Nika, Reed, Morgan, Kathy, Sorelle, Erin, and Frances"

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