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Workshop with Palestinian Youth Educators

posted: December 22, 2015

A couple of days ago I met a group of talented artists and youth workers from the Al-Aroub Refugee Camp, (on the road betwen Jerusalem and Hebron). Because of the tense situation in the area we met somewhere in the middle at the Murad Hotel in Beith Sakhour.
Abu Tarek, a veteran educator who for years has promoted encounters between Palestinian and Israeli youth, (and whom I had the pleasure to spend a week with last summer) brought them to experience my workshop so that they can teach the kids at Al Aroub how to do 'art with everything'.
It was awkward for about 10 minutes before we got into it and just concentrated on making art and sharing art and then everything seemed very easy and simple.
Thanks so much to Daniel Moses from Seeds of Peace for making this happen!

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