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Woody Allen for Esquire UK

posted: February 18, 2009

I have always had a difficult time doing a portrait of a person which I feel I have previously 'done' (a portrait of) well.
Such is the case with Woody Allen. I felt that the portrait I created in 1995 captured pretty much the essence of Woody Allen, the Icon. The portrait, originally created for Haaretz, Israel, appeared later on in many other publications, was the cover of a Society of Illustrators Annual and the back cover of my monograph in Israel.
So when David McKendrick at Esquire UK asked me to try a new Woody, I was very reluctant at first, feeling I have done exactly what I wanted in the old portrait and wouldn't be able to come up with a different view.

So in order to make it easier on myself I decided not to strive for any 'larger than life Iconic view of Woody' (whatever that is)  but to show the current, older Woody and be more topical dealing with the context the article was talking about: Woody's new European film opening in London, and how he has quit NYC as the preferred setting for his movies.

While I swear I tried many other options for the nose, I couldn't help but re-use a banana. There is not a better nose for Woody. Its scientific.

The new Woody


The old Woody from 1995

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