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posted: April 05, 2012

Boy, having a Blog is a nice idea, but then of course it is more work to constantly write and maintain back here.

Came back from a month of traveling through Savannah, NYC, NJ, Chicago, Barcelona, Granada, Valencia, Madrid and back to Tel Aviv. 

Here's a report on some of the workshops which happened during this trip.

Waiting for my lecture to start at Savannah College of Art & Design visiting the great illustration department as a guest of the ever funny Julie Lieberman.



From there to Stony Lake School in Paramus NJ..


..where the kids prepared a lovely mural made with work based on my book My Best Friend is as Sharp as a Pencil


"My mom is as sweet as candy"


"My dad is as funny as a clown"


"My dad is as scary as a ghost"


From there to Chicago to meet the lovely educators at  The iCenter.


What best way to welcome me than decorating their offices with my work. ;)


Jumping forward to work from a series of workshops done in Spain as part of the project Educar Pegar Volar.


All these were made in Barcelona by school teachers working in groups.


The 'mission' was to make a reflection on the idea of Education and represent it visually.


There were similar workshops in 3 other cities in Spain: Granada, Madrid and Valencia.


And one of the many workshops which have happened in Israel. From Tel Mond Youth Center.


Best piece of the day: Titled "Dr Sus".  (Sus in hebrew = horse)

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