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TV program for Israel Education Television - the new season

posted: February 05, 2015

This month we started working on a new season of my TV program "Workshop", a production of the Israel Educational TV.

While the first season, shot in 2011, was less structured, and addressed different elements and principles of creativity mixed with some portraits of famous people, this season has more of a anchor which is "israeli songs". Each chapter's subject is triggered and driven by an song. That doesn't mean I actually do illustrate the song but create associations which emanate from the song. We are lucky to at least have a great sound track.

The shooting consists of me being under the camera which only shoots my hands. Everytime that I lean forward and my head gets in the frame everybody shouts at me. In general on the set people are constantly telling me what to do.

In the pictures below you can see the shooting of couple of chapters. You might be able to identify Steve Jobs and Israeli singer Arik Einstein.







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