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The Wilde Years

posted: October 24, 2009

This week was the opening of The Wilde Years, an exhibition celebrating 40 years of Richard Wilde as the Chair of Graphic Design and Advertising at The School of Visual Arts in NYC, from where I graduated.

I owe a lot of my early development to both attending Richard's class and to his intuition and advise as Chairman.

It turns out many many people in the field of Visual Communications can say the same.
The show includes many many great players in the design industry such as Gail Anderson, James Victore, Julian Alexander, Drew Hodges, etc etc.
As a means of introducing Richard for whoever doesn't know him, I recommend you read his description by his lovely wife and collaborator, Judith.

I was honored when asked to participate in the show and more so to create a portrait of him
which was featured on the cover for the Catalogue

I'll end with a segment from Judith's bio of Richard which describes him perfectly:

"Richard Wilde is a gentle man. He is kind, generous, and frequently late for dinners or meetings, often because he is detained by the urgent requests, needs, and pleas of students. He speaks haltingly yet quickly, unable to communicate his thoughts as fast as they occur. And he touches people where they live and breathe. His focus is always on creativity, which is why he is a sought-after lecturer. He is always approachable and available. He is a "natural born" educator."

The Wilde Years
Visual Arts Gallery
601 West 26 Street, 15th floor
New York, NY 10001

October 13 - November 7, 2009

Richard, the gardener. And finally an opportunity to draw with honey! (the mouth)

The Catalogue, designed by Michael Walsh.

Richard between other popular characters on the gallery walls.

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