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The Abraham Fund Video

posted: September 09, 2015

Abraham Fund Initiatives asked me to create a video clip about Yom Kippur and Eid al Adha happening this year on exactly the same day. Both days are celebrated in quite opposing ways. While the Jewish population of Israel does not drive cars on Yom Kippur (its bicycle day for kids) and keeps for the most part a quiet and somber tone, many people fast and pray, the Arab population (around 20%) of Israel celebrates Eid Al Adha by driving to visit relatives for big meals, playing music, in addition to praying of course. In some mixed cities in Israel, this situation has the potential of creating tension and even clashes.

Creative Direction and visuals: Hanoch Piven, Script: Gil Rimon, Camera and production: Ofer Inov, Animation: Avi Ofer, Editing: Rafi Shor, Voiceover: Mira Awad and Alon Neuman, Additional Hands: Dana Cohen, Graphics: Neta Cohen, Sound: 'Zinko'.  Thanks to 'Edit' Post Production.

And here is the same clip with English subtitles

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