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posted: April 13, 2012

A huge job came my way a couple of months ago. Alex Isley, the legendary AD of Spy Magazine, was on the line. The task: create 55 portraits of speakers at TedMed conference. The deadline: 6 weeks ahead.

It became clear there was no way I could create that many portraits in such a short time.

Each portrait would require for me hours of research of the person character, interests, history. This would then lead to a search in town for the right elements. Sketching the persons face, painting it, assembling it, glueing it, photographing it etc etc...

But of course given the prestige of the job but mainly the face that Alex was one of my heroes as I arrived to NY in the 80's, I knew I was going to find the way to do this.

Then I realized that I had on my iPad, exactly the right tool for a job like this: Faces iMake, the App I developed together with iMagine Machine. Making them digitally on the Ipad would make it somewhat possible, at least the assembling part. (no real objects, no photography needed)

But what nailed it whas Alex's idea of having each person choose 5 favourite objects. In a way the subjects of the illustration became a part of the process by providing me with a starting point of objects to use.

That made it more doable. And still the process was long and arduous. The 55 portraits became 71.

I could not spend more than a couple of hours on each.

My wife Janet Stein provided the help which saved me by doing some of the image research and then making highres versions of whatever was coming out of my iPad.

It is safe to say that wihout Janet's help and Alex's support this task would have been nearly impossible and I am deeply grateful to both of them.

Here's a video of the whole 71:

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by Hanoch Piven

April 24

Thanks so much Pam and Alex. Smiley smiley

by Pam Williams

April 23

These are amazing, Hanoch. You make this all look so easy. What I love most is that each portrait reflects the individual and their passions and interests, and yet they all hold together to share a larger story. Thank you for sharing the process. (Great idea by Alex re: the objects and the book design is A ).

by Alexander Isley

April 19

I'm still in awe. Thank you, Amazing Hanoch Your work provided the soul of the conference.

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