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Teach For All Global Conference

posted: October 31, 2016

Every now and then a workshop happens which leaves me with a big big smile. A feeling that everything comes together. Such was the workshop at The Global Conference of Teach For All.

Teach for All is a network of over 50 organizations in different countries whose purpose is to improve education by bringing new excellent teachers to teach, specially in areas in need. It is based on Teach For America which was created in 1989 by the amazing Wendy Kopp.

This workshop was great for many reasons but mainly because of its sheer size: 350 people! worked together in 35 groups and re-imagined education.

Another reason which made the workshop memorable for me was the deep motivation and dedication showed both by the organization and the participants which led to serious conversations sparked by creating art together.

And lastly it was also the basic fact that these were 350 people who care about education and about changing the world through it.

Many thanks to Teach First Israel (Hotam) who made the connection and helped it happen!

35 tables for 350 people! 12 buffets of objects.

And it was also a great opportunity to meet old friends like Nuria and Monica from Col-legi Montserrat in Barcelona.


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