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posted: December 18, 2008

During the last 5 months I have been working on a large Ad campaign in Israel for The Strauss Group. The campaign for which I have created 12 characters using their products is the new Brand Campaign for Strauss in Israel. It started half a year ago when Gideon Amichay, Partner and Creative Director at Y&R Israel, whom I have first met 20 years ago in Harvey Kurtzman's class in SVA, contacted me and asked me to create the campaign with them.

The headline of the campaign is: 'Amazing what can be done out of the basic things in life' The next thing I knew on a hot summer morning in Israel a large truck parked in my sister's house (where I had set up a temporary studio in her basement) and a strong tanned man started to download boxes full of chocolate, candies, yogurts, more candy, doritos, coffee jars, cheeses, vegetables, humus and many other Strauss products. My nephews were of course very happy and I found myself hiding the chocolate from them so I could use it for my work. It was a long developing process which involved many people and was wisely led by Gideon until we arrived to the right balance which combined the multiple factors involved in a campaign like this. The campaign went up last week all over Israel on outdoor billboards and TV ads (directed by Rani Carmeli). Here's one of the TV ads.  More to come....'Amazing what can be done out of the basic things in life' (says the Hebrew) Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay Young & Rubicam Creative Director: Gideon Amichay Director: Rani Carmeli AD: Ayelet Chen Copy: Matan Yedidiah Still Photography: Adi Gilad

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