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Shimon Peres

posted: September 30, 2016

Israeli eldest stateman, Shimon Peres passed away this week. It is an opportunity to write about this image created in 2000 for Haaretz:

The portrait on the left was done as everyone expected Peres to become president of Israel in 2000. Surprisingly, Moshe Katzav (currently residing in jail) won the Knesset vote and was chosen instead, sending me to spend half the night in front of the computer to erase his smile. It was the cover image at the weekend supplement of Haaretz that week, accompanied by a Gideon Levy commentary.

The image finally appeared as it was supposed to, only in 2008 as Peres was finally serving as President of Israel. By that time I was publishing in Maariv. Some years later, I met Peres and his comment about that portrait was: "You made a kettle out of me!"

And then he started to talk about the wonderful traits of a kettle.

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