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Seen in the Tel Aviv airport

posted: June 05, 2009

Strauss Group filled the hall with the images I have created for them pictured on top of colorful light-boxes which really filled with colors the otherwise pretty colorless hall.

I quickly checked-in and started taking photos all around enjoying myself, not noticing that apparently the security agents were getting a bit nervous by the short man going around taking all these pictures.
So after I finished I suddenly noticed three or four of them were following me until they finally stopped me to find out exactly WHAT was I doing and WHY?  (Of course I really look like I'm from Al Qaeda)

Well after a short explanation, which included showing them my passport: "See? its the same name as the signature below the image", I managed to get them to smile a bit, although I was slightly disappointed they didn't make any artistic comment or told me they liked my work. It was all business for them. Boring.

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