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New Book in Hebrew - What are Prime Ministers Made of

posted: March 28, 2018

My new book What Prime Ministers are Made of was published at the beginning of February. (It is somewhat influenced by the 'old' 2004 US book 

What Presidents are Made of.)

But I also remember a book I studued over 30 years ago as a student at School of VIsual Arts called The Presidental Character, Predicting Performance at The White House, by James Barber.The premise of THAT book whas to explore the childhood of the US presidents and claim according to some 'amateur' psychology how they will perform as presidents. 

My own book is obviously way briefer :) and more anectotal. I researched the childhood of the Israeli PMs and tried to find a theme, an event, or a person that somehow empowered them to become successful humans, and perhaps even somewhat influenced something in their performances as PMs. I see it more as an educational book rather than as an historical or political book. 

Below you can have a look at all the images and some of the spreads.

Back Cover.

David Ben Gurion


Moshe Sharet


Levi Eshkol


Golda Meir


Itzhak Rabin


Menachem Begin


Itzhak Shamir


Shimon Peres


Binyamin Netanyahu


Ehud Barak


Ariel Sharon


Ehud Olmert


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