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Mahmoud A.

posted: March 23, 2008

This past friday celebrating Purim I 'hosted'
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the President of Iran
in my column in Maariv

My wife Janet baked great Hamantashen
or as they are called in Hebrew Haman's ears.
(Haman is the villain in the tale of Purim, as described in the biblical Book of Esther. The tale takes place in no other place than the Persian Empire - therefore, a certain relevance to the current Persian leader)

Purim is pretty much the Jewish Carnival when everybody dresses up and makes a lot of noise in both secular and religious environments.
In synagogues as the Book of Esther is read, every time the name Haman is mentioned, the crowd makes a lot of noise
with horns, graggers, etc...

The way the spread looked in the paper.

Dr. Yoram Yovel, a psychiatrist and novelist wrote about Mahmoud A.
In essence the article said that the guy is not necessarily crazy, he just thinks different than 'us Israelies'.

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