LA Trip March 2010

posted: April 02, 2010

In March of 2010 I visited LA for the opening of my Skirball Show.

I have had something due which I wanted to do for a while and that was posting some pictures from that LA trip, where I held several Workshops. Considering that soon I will be going back that way, it is a good opportunity to go through these.

The reason I did not rush to post was that sadly many pictures from my camera were corrupted or something like that and I couldn't access them and that was very frustrating. So here's a very small and limited photojourney.

Most of my trip was organized by The Israeli Consulate which connected me to several community organizations and schools. (So many thanks once again to all the people at The Consulate which took such good care of me)

Kids serving themselves from the buffet at Vista Del Mar

First workshops was at Vista del Mar, a Community of Services for kids that are going through hardships.

This was the piece I was most impressed with, done by one of the kids at Vista.


The next stop was Piece by Piece, a wonderful organization created by Sophie Alpert. The moto of Piece by Piece is "Recycled Art for a New Cycle of Life" so you get the idea of how my workshop seemed appropriate for them.


The participants, mostly amateur artists made it a wonderful experience thought their enthusiasm and openess. What is great about Piece by Piece is that they actually manage to sell some of their artwork (their Mosaics, not the ones they made in my workshop) and make some money out of it.


I got to visit a couple of Elementary Schools in East LA. Sunrise Elementary was one of them. Almost all the kids at Sunrise speak Spanish so my mother tongue was definitely useful. I encountered one of the best ever Q and A sessions after the workshop. Amongst the 'thank you's from the kids I asked them:  "why did you enjoy it"?

And one girl suddenly said something so beautiful: "Because nobody can make fun of what you do, no matter how good or bad it is"

And that to me is part of the magic which happens in the Workshops. People stop being afraid that they'd do something "bad" and somebody might laugh at them. Perhaps because just about everything is so goofy and funny.

Anyway, just remembered that line of that sweet Mexican/Californian girl.


There were other workshops but very sadly I dont have pictures from them:

at The Skirball, (where in conjunction with my Making Faces Exhibition I will again conduct two workshops in July)

at a charter School which belongs to Para Los Niños, another great organization. (In general I discovered how many NGOs exist in LA which promote Education)

You can read here about my visit to Third Street School, organized by Carol Koneff their wonderful librarian.

And that's it.   Another LA visit in July 2010.


Here are some more pictures of the Sunrise Elementary School visit on East LA.


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