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posted: October 28, 2011

So I am in another round of workshops in China. This time I started at Guangzhou in a workshop held at the beautiful Museum of Art of Guangzhou.

Participants included, designers, teachers and students of Art and Design.

We worked hard for 4 hours and here's the group photo at the end.

The next day I was hosted by the Art and Design School of the University of Shantou.

As usual I made students bring garbage and ramble through it.

The final group photo is a must in China! I will post more photos soon!

Off to Xiamen and Beijing....



The University of Shantou in Xiamen, south China.

It probably says something about Hanoch Piven in Chinese...


Students were really into it here.



They even wore some sort of Team T Shirt.

The final photo. (I have no idea where the name Instant Desing came from...)


This is from Beijing. A workshop at UCCA in 798 Art District.


The workshop was part of a program for the communnity of Migrant Children.

I love to hear th ekids explain why they made things certain way. Even in Chinese.

And final photo, a must.

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