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ספר הדיוקנאות של Taschen

תגובה: June 07, 2011

בשבוע שעבר הגיע אלי ספר הדיוקנאות של Taschen

בו מוצגות מספר עבודות שלי.

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AOL Artists

תגובה: April 15, 2011

Last summer I got an email from AOL requesting submissions of artworks to be included on their homepage. What seemed at the beginning as another large corporation asking for freebies from artists turned out to be a very respectful, professional and fairly compensated project.

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Sometimes a good sketch is your kiss of death

תגובה: September 18, 2009

Sometimes you can't beat your sketch

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from Hansen Smith to do a portrait of Tim Gunn for LA Times Magazine.
The truth is I even did not know who the guy is...sorry America.
Anyway, as a consumate pro, I did my research and faked being (and eventually became) very familiar with the subject matter.
A couple of days later I sent a sketch.

test test

The original sketch

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I made Maddof of..

תגובה: May 01, 2009

Bernie Madoff made for Time Magazine's 2009 100 List.


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משה רבינו

תגובה: April 19, 2009

Tonight is The Passover (Pesach) Seder. Yesterday for my column in Maariv I made a portrait of Moses.

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Woody Allen for Esquire UK

תגובה: February 18, 2009

I have always had a difficult time doing a portrait of a person which I feel I have previously 'done' (a portrait of) well.
Such is the case with Woody Allen.

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