סדנה ביחידה לתגובות קרב של צה"ל

פורסם: July 17, 2007

Last week, I spent a whole day in that unit and alongside my friends, the Art Therapists Orna, Yehudit, Shani and If’at and a group of professionals from the unit, we held a Drawing with Objects workshop.  32 guys ages 24 to 81 participated in the day, many claiming not to have done art since kindergarden.

It was a day full of creativity, fun, pain, tears, laughs and long monologues,
All my respect and love to the caring team of professionals in that unit and more important to the participants, thoughtful men (and young guys) who are hard at work trying to reconstruct their lives in that crazy place the Middle East is.
Here are a few representative images which are a small sample of all the interesting work made there.
(I'd like also to thank Lundbeck-Israel
for their generous help in putting that day together.)

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