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פורסם: April 15, 2011

Last summer I got an email from AOL requesting submissions of artworks for their project  AOL Artists to be included on their homepage. What seemed at the beginning as another large corporation asking for freebies from artists turned out to be a very respectful, professional and fairly compensated project.

AOL paid the artists it invited to submit proposal for the project regardless of them been chosen or not. The artists whose proposal was chosen got then paid for the final chosen image.

The idea is to use the Canvas as they were called as part of the changing identity of AOL, from their stationary to their homepage.

They were no rules or limitations for the submissions so I decided to create some work in my usual 'artesanal' way and some digital work using Faces iMake, my iPhone App.

These are the ones I ended up sending:

Some Beethoven influenced conductor I guess...

Probably based on my friend Narda.

Definitely based on my Algebra professor in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1987, Prof. Emaunuel Farjoun.


And these were done on Faces iMake on my iPod Touch:



So... this is the one which was chosen:

He is called: Gloveman


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