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פורסם: November 04, 2012

The London Olympic Games 200 meter gold medalist Allyson Felix visited Israel last week. The ocassion was the NIKE TEL AVIV NIGHTRUN. Nike Israel commissioned me to create a portrait of Allyson made out of Nike shoe parts.

It was no easy task due to how beautiful Allyson is (it is usually difficult to caricature pretty women..) yet it was quite pleasurable spending time watching lots of footage of her competitions and media appearances. Her beauty was definitely not only present physically but in her character as well. A very consistant image of a serious, hard working, humble and ethical human soul emerged (what actually made the process of caricaturing her even harder). At certain point my own defined goal was to illustrate GRACE. The grace in which she runs, the grace in the way she handles herself in the world and the word grace has many more connections here.)

The process of work with Einat Israeli, Nike Israel's Marketing director was a nice ping pong of ideas.

I wanted to use 'the curve' since running on the curve is Allyson's expertice. Einat wanted me to include wings which would represent Nike, the Winged Goddess of Victory. The compromise ended up being the curve as a suggestion of wings.

Meeting Allyson and presenting her with the original portrait was a real treat and a great way to end the 10 days I was immersed in this portrait.
And of course she is even more beautiful in person.


Trying to explain the concept of "grace" to Allyson.
I think it is actually the first time I am present when someone I made a portrait of, sees it for the first time...
She seems ok with it (or at least she is professional enough to hide her annoyance with me and my portrait..)

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