My whole 'booth' looked like this. People came to participate in workshops, and little kids listened to my book being read. Shoam Muses Festival Workshop 2007

Shoam Muses Festival Workshop 2007

At the beginning of the month I took part in a new kind of project for me.
I was invited to Shoam, a small village in Israel to participate in their "Muses Festival". 
In adition to conducting some creative workshops in the Festival, I was comissioned to create 3 sculptures to be shown in the Festival and remain in Shoham after that.
A local dump yard provided me with all the junk I needed and place to work and 12 female highschool art students joined me.
This was the first time I created free standing sculptures, and, needles to say, in a junk yard collecting junk with 12 women is the good life for me!
So the nice thing about it was the idea of working and creating with what was there. Nothing was bought or brought, from the outside.
We spent some hours gathering stuff, and a whole day putting it together. By the end of the second day we had 5 statues standing. What do they mean? No idea, but it was a lot of fun.

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 Hospital Workshops

Hospital Workshops

"Here's a report from Israeli TV about one of the Workshops I conducted with Cancer patients in September 2006 in Israel. (thanks again to Roche for sponsoring them!) This one took place in Haifa. For those of you still not totally fluent in Hebrew, people are refering to their actual looks, or explaining why they chose specific objects. One of the participants chose to make a portrait of Hassan Nassralah, who was a very popular choice in my workshops this past summer. (As the Art Therapists explained, it is always easier to deal with the external enemy). You can also watch the Head Nurse of the department who made an amazing self portrait. Following the workshop we held a small round of 'show and tell' where everybody talked about their portraits and the elements that composed them. It was a heart warming experience for all of us and I hope you can get some of the feeling even without the language."

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