Taos Workshop

Taos Workshop

In 1986 I was a student in the Computer Science Department in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
A couple of weeks after school started I met this funny looking religious guy named Tsiki, we immediately
realized we 'spoke the same language' (whatever that is) and have been great friends ever since.

None of us finished that degree (thank god!) and we both took different paths in life.
Tsiki has been for the past years in the island of Paros, Greece running a center named Taos, self described as:

"A study center for the art of happy life,
Where simple Tao meets the sword of Zen in a Zorba way."

Well, last week as part of a nice family vacation to Paros, I conducted a workshop in Taos.
It was very interesting first and foremost because it was the first workshop I ever gave barefoot.

But beyond that, the energies of the people there made it a lot of fun. We spent the morning creating individual works and the afternoon working in groups creating larger sculptures.
You can see the results down below.

Conducting my regular Workshop in a place where people come to study a bit about their own life and be self reflective made me think of another layer of insights which can be extracted from the work with objects.
Haven't totally processed it yet but there seems to be interesting stuff there...   Sadly I'm not barefoot anymore, deadlines have a way of doing this to you. (Luckily as an illustrator I can work without a shirt on...)

Thanks Ronit and Tsiki and everybody in Taos for hosting us!

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Shenkar College Workshop 2007 Shenkar College Workshop

Shenkar College Workshop

Ok back to the Blog (I have been away from the studio for a while). Last week I gave a Workshop in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design College of Engineering and Design in Israel. Invited by Itzik Rennert,a member of the Israeli Actus comics group and head of the Visual Communication Department there. It was the first time I brought my 'Drawing with Objects' workshop to a real Art or Design College. (renamed Ready Made Workshop in order to sound more serious and professional..you know.. Art Schools) and I was curious and a bit worried of what these 2nd year Design and Illustration students, all happily married to their Macintosh computers will come up with, if at all.

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 2008 USA Workshop Tour

2008 USA Workshop Tour

"So of course I didn't manage to post pictures every day from my USA trip. I was way too tired.  Came back yesterday and am still processing all these fun and great experiences.
The trip was just great and so many people took care of me on the way: a very partial list of acknowledments and thanks would include Liran Golod from the Culture section at the Israeli NY Consulate who coordinated the whole thingy, Mary Jo and Loren, The Bleich Hermoni family, Sheri and Stacy (the two wacky Texas Librarians), Carla the art teacher who got me back healthy with the greatest breakfast ever before a workshop, Marc and Janice who provided a great place to rest (and eat) in Austin and Galit Dayan for the great LA for beginners class. 
The Cultural Attaches at the various Israeli Consulates along the way (Sharon, Deborah, Deborah, Udi) made great connections to the Schools, Hospitals and organizations, and without them, nothing would have happened. Thanks again.
(I just want to make clear that the fact that the American Economy was sort of ruined during my USA trip does not have anything to do with it.. "I didn't do it!")
Here are some pictures of the trip, of some of the workshops from which I had pics and of some of the lovely people I have met."

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