Bialik Rogozin School or The New Israelies 2009 Bialik Rogozin School

Bialik Rogozin School

A day of workshops in the Bialik Rogozin School in Tel Aviv, Fall of 2009.

The school is 'home' to children who have their origins in 48 countries. Children of foreign workers, refuges from Darfur, immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Arab families and many more.
Many or even most students come from low socio-economic status and live in the southern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv. Some are Israeli born and only speak hebrew (even if their look is different) while other are newcomers.

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 Workshop for Teachers at MindCET

Workshop for Teachers at MindCET

Here are some pictures from a workshop held at 'Mindcet', the Innovation Hub at Center for Educational Technology in Tel Aviv on July 2013


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Society of Illustrators 2009 Workshop Society of Illustrators Workshop

Society of Illustrators Workshop

So finally after returning from NYC I had a chance to look at the wonderful photos Jessica Yeomans from the Society of Illlustrators took of the workshop we had there last week.

Here's a selection!

All photos by Jessica Yeomans
Thanks Jessica!

ps: (Here's Christoph Hitz report about it)

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