Creative Workshops by Piven

Piven’s art is about communicating through fun and playfulness by reinventing the meaning of regular objects, and by inviting viewer active participation.
Taking this participation into a natural next step, throughout the last 10 years Piven has conducted international workshops based on the principles of his own collage technique, encouraging communication and creativity through the use of common found objects.
The Workshop has been embraced by educators, art therapists and management consultants as an efficient tool for introspection and communication through play.
These are some of the organizations which have enjoyed workshops with Piven: WPP, Microsoft, Pfizer, Orange, Amdocs, CAFA Beijing, The School of Visual Arts, The Society of Illustrators of NY and many more.

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Download Information about Piven Creative Workshops for children.

Download Information about Piven Creative Workshops for adults.

photo: Noomy Yogev

Lectures by Piven

Piven has lectured extensively throughout the last 5 years in many countries as well, recently at TedX Jerusalem on December 2012.

In his lecture ’’Living the collage life’’, Piven uses the process of making a collage to highlight universal principles of creativity and playfulness.
Showcasing examples of his own contemporary collages, Piven opens a flexible space filled with right brain thinking, serendipity, trial and error and a large amount of humor.
Here you can watch Piven’s lecture.

Download Information about Seeing Faces lecture.

photo: Dima Valershtein

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Preparations for a workshop:

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 Adults workshops list. Download PDF.

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You Said it...

Participant’s comments about Piven workshops:

 Omaha Family Literacy Partnership

Omaha Family Literacy Partnership

Hanoch, your presentations and professional story are inspiring to me and also to many others here in Omaha.  Your work with children was phenomenal.  The workshops are incredible for teachers and families and were amazing to observe.  We are so blessed that you were able to be with us for a week!  I am still in awe over the depth of your work and your never-ending energy!

Susan McWilliams, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Teacher Education Department
Omaha Family Literacy Partnership
University of Nebraska at Omaha

 Beijing BISS International School


"Dear Hanoch,

Your workshops and lectures have inspired and enthralled students, teachers and guests in my schools in Spain, Guatemala and China.  The impressive caricatures created by our students were displayed with pride throughout the school.  Your presentation about a career in the arts left a lasting impression on many students who might have not realized the possibilities for their future.  Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with our communities. "

Dr. Ettie Zilber, Head of School, Beijing BISS International School


 Esther Netter

Zimmer Children Museum , LA

"Everyone so enjoyed today and more then that they enjoyed you...the afternoon was filled with art, self discovery, some therapy and pure joy.  Thank you so much for sharing your gifts."


Esther Netter
Zimmer Children's Museum
Los Angeles


 LA's Best

LA's Best

"Thank you for an amazing day with Hanoch Piven. Our workshop with LA's BEST staff at the Skirball was incredibly special. Thank you!

He has inspired our staff and will impact  hundreds of children with his rare and unique technique. I can't wait to share more stories and send you/Hanoch pictures of our children's work. Thank you."

Daryl Niemerow

 Buena VIsta LA

"Friday was truly a wonderful experience when you came to Vista and facilitated the workshop for our kids and staff. Everyone who participated was engaged, and the creativity factor was at an all time high! Thank you for making this fantastic opportunity so successful. I can see how much you enjoy your work and the message of “do what you love” came through quite clearly during your presentation. It’s extremely important for our kids to know what is out there and how they too can make their dreams a reality."

Linda Karchem
Director of Volunteer Programs
Vista del Mar Youth Community


 Professor Henry Abramovitch

Workshop at Oncological unit at Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem

"Hanoch Piven is that rare combination of a true artistic genius who is also a real “mensch” who truly brings out the muse in those he meets. He is a living inspiration both in his own collages and in how he facilitates creativity in others. He helped me and all the others do something creative with the disease that attacked us and not remain passive victims. The seeds he has planted blossomed and bore fruit; and maybe even the beginnings of healing.

I recommend the workshop enthusiastically. Come and you will not be disappointed."


Professor Henry Abramovitch Ph.D.

Dept. of Behavioral Science & Medical Education

Sackler School of Medicine

Tel Aviv University, Israel

(you can read Henry's letter complete in here)

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היצירה הינה ריכוז מלא של כל היסודות הרוחניים והגופניים ששותפים בה כל חושיו של האדם (ק.ס. סטניסלבסקי).
היום זכו תלמידנו לחוות באמצעותך את חדוות היצרה. עוררת בילדים את היצרתיות, המעוף והדימיון והם יצרו בשקיקה ובשמחה.
הסדנה שהעברת לנו הותירה בנו טעם שלא נשכח במהרה.
תודה רבה על הכל
בצפיה ובתקווה למפגש נוסף.
דפנה שריג
וצוות המרכז

 Paul, Ridgewood NJ

Hawes Elementary School

"Your kindness and flexibility helped make the day special for all."

Paul Semendinger, Ed.D.
Hawes Elementary School
Ridgewood, NJ

 Maase Workshop

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