Workshop at SVA

posted: December 23, 2012

Last month I conducted a workshop at the School of Visual Arts, the school which I attended over 20 years ago.

It was great to revisit with Richard Wilde who has had a great influence in my life as a wonderful teacher.

Here's a little video on the workshop I have conducted with some of Richard's students.


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Family Matters in the news

posted: September 02, 2012

Here's a news report for Family Matters

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TechCamp Israel

posted: May 29, 2012

Last month I had the opportunity to participate in a great event: TechCamp Israel.

TechCamp is an initiative of Hillary Clinton and The USA State Department to narrow the gap between technology and social leaders. Events are held in many countries and I got to participate in the one held in Israel.


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Where have I been?

posted: April 05, 2012

Boy, having a Blog is a nice idea, but then of course it is more work to constantly write and maintain back here.

Came back from a month of traveling through Savannah, NYC, NJ, Chicago, Barcelona, Granada, Valencia, Madrid and back to Tel Aviv. 

Here's a report on some of the workshops which happened during this trip.



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LA Trip March 2010

posted: April 02, 2010

In March of 2010 I visited LA for the opening of my Skirball Show.

I have had something due which I wanted to do for a while and that was posting some pictures from that LA trip, where I held several Workshops. Considering that soon I will be going back that way, it is a good opportunity to go through these.

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Art after Wartime

posted: July 17, 2007

In Israel more soldiers or ex-soldiers are requesting help for emotional problems due to a war related episode. A special army unit headed by Dr Ofir Levy treats and helps anybody who is experiencing PTSD and approaches them for help. What was before unheard within the Israeli society is now becoming a bit more acceptable and people are more open about it.

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