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Playfulness Crosses Borders

posted: January 15, 2014

I really enjoyed talking to East Jerusalem Palestinian kindergarten teachers last week at the Bible Lands Museum of Jerusalem.
So I asked them at the end if I could take a picture of them.
Playfulness crosses borders indeed.
Hopefully they'll invite me again.

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La Perla Mexicana

posted: December 28, 2013

In late November I had the great pleasure of conducting a workshop at La Perla Mexicana, a halfway house for drug-addicted women in the the Iztapalapa district of Mexico City.
For 20 women between the ages of 16 and 40 years, La Perla Mexicana is home for a few months, with the hope of getting rid of their addiction there and start rebuilding their lives once they leave.

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Workshop in Shaaray Tefila, NYC

posted: November 24, 2013

Hope Cherniak invited me to present a workshop at Shaaray Tefila Synagogue in Manhattan for families.


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Sculpture for HP Indigo

posted: November 22, 2013

This is a sculpture I just finished comissioned by HP Indigo in Israel.

It sits now in their plant in Kiryat gat, Israel.

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Workshop in Jerusalem to 20 young female leaders.

posted: September 01, 2013

Oh this is a post I should have written long time ago.

In June 2102,  I gave a worshop to 20 young Jewish women as part of their visit to Israel to the Presidential Conference. The workshop was organized by the WZO.


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Video of Family Matters

posted: August 10, 2013

Here's a short film by Ziv Even Tsur (Hilltop Productions) documenting the creation of Family Matters, my crowd-sourced mural at Beth Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv.

The film doccuments the long hours that took to put it all together on the wall. 2916 pixels, each representing a creation of a self portrait by a visiting family. 

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