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Dudu Geva

posted: January 15, 2015

Conmemorating 10 years since the great Israeli cartooninst/illustrator/comic book artist Dudu Geva passed away, a new book called "Still Optimistic" in which 100 Israeli artists pay tribute to Dudu will be published this month. 

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Corporate Communication Workshop

posted: January 12, 2015

Here's a small picture album from a recent workshop we conducted with a Finance company. The workshop was held at the beautiful Peres Peace Center near the sea in Jaffa, Israel.

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Assaf Granit

posted: November 14, 2014

I was asked to create a portrait of Israeli chef Assaf Granit,

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Academic Paper about Visit to Omaha

posted: September 29, 2014

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of spending a week in Omaha, Nebraska, invited by Dr Susan McWilliams from the University of Nebraska in conjunction with the Omaha Family Literacy Partnership. During that week I taught over 1000 students and met many teachers who participated in my workshops as well. One of the highlights of the visit was a workshop we conducted with migrant Mexican families.

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Visit to Bangkok

posted: September 25, 2014

After a long and difficult summer I am posting about my visit to Bangkok. A magical week in which I opened an exhibition at The National Gallery and conducted a series of workshops with Educators.



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Lecture at the Social Innovation Summit, NYC

posted: July 03, 2014

Last May I was excited to be invited to give a talk at the Social Innovation Summit in NYC.

The subject of my lecture was Art as a Tool for Education and Innovation. Moving From STEM to STEAM

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