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Family Matters - 2 thirds done

posted: September 07, 2012

This past summer I had one of the most emotionally and exciting adventures in all of my artistic career.
Over the course of 3 weeks, more than 2200 families came to the Beth Hatfutsot Museum in Tel Aviv and inspired by my art, they created a picture which described their family. These pictures, made with every-day objects were photographed and putting them all together, I am in the process of creating a 12 x 3 meters mural in the Museum which describes some chapters in the history of the Jewish people.

The idea is that each family is part of the larger story.

A play between individual, family and community.

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Family Matters in the news

posted: September 02, 2012

Here's a news report for Family Matters

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Family Matters

posted: August 11, 2012

This is a project I have been working on for some time now. Family Matters - What Families are Made of.

From August 5th 2012, we are inviting over 3000 families to Beth Hatfutsot to make a piece of art and tell us their story with objects. All the creations are going to be photographed and a beautiful poster of the art will be given to each family. Another copy will be printed on a 9.6 cm square by HP Indigo (thank you thank you). These will be 'my pixels' with which I will make a wall installation 10.5 meters long by 3 meters high.

Here is the website of the project


So come over and make a pixel. I need many! Any kind of families!

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TechCamp Israel

posted: May 29, 2012

Last month I had the opportunity to participate in a great event: TechCamp Israel.

TechCamp is an initiative of Hillary Clinton and The USA State Department to narrow the gap between technology and social leaders. Events are held in many countries and I got to participate in the one held in Israel.


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TedMed Portraits

posted: April 13, 2012

A huge job came my way a couple of months ago. Alex Isley, the legendary AD of Spy Magazine, was on the line. The task: create 55 portraits of speakers at TedMed conference.  The deadline: 6 weeks ahead.

It became clear there was no way I could create that many portraits in such a short time.

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Passover Hagaddah

posted: April 06, 2012

Probably I'm too late to publish this here, but here's a Passover Hagaddah we made together with the Israeli NGO, Yeladim, Fair Chance for Children.

The NGO helps Israeli children who live in orphanages. This was a great way to collect funds for them. Hagaddas can be still be bought through their website.


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