Recent Media Appearances

posted: March 29, 2018

In the last months I have appeared in several media interviews in Israel coinciding with the publication of my new book What Prime Ministers are Made of

(These are all in Hebrew)

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Lecture: The Playful Creative Path, New York City

posted: May 11, 2014

Here you can watch a short lecture I gave at the Credit Suisse building in Manhattan as part of the Israel Dealmakers Summit.

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TEDx Jerusalem

posted: December 19, 2012

Over 6 months ago I was approached by

the Tedx Jerusalem to talk at the event.
Needless to say I was honored, excited and very nervous about it.
Yes I have spent a lot of my time in the last 5 years lecturing in front of large crowds and gradually my stage freight has been lowered.
However the combination of that strong TED name, with all the associations and comparisons to those wonderful online talks, combined with the rigid time structure of 15 minutes, made me feel somewhat anxious about it through the recent months...

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TV program in Israeli Educational TV

posted: May 11, 2011

My TV program for Israeli Educational TV is advancing. We shot everything over a month ago and next week I will be in Israel watching edited chapters the recording narration.

Here are some pictures taken by Avi Belleli who together with Limor provided great help with their Props! 


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Faces iMake Premium receives Gold Parents' Choice Award

posted: May 02, 2011

Just got the news that a Gold Parents' Choice Award was given to Faces iMake Premium.

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Introducing my New Website

posted: April 12, 2011

So finally! the new website is on!

It took more than six months to get things to sort of work. Still struggling with some more details. Please bear with me as we slowly introduce more content.

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