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New Book in Hebrew - What are Prime Ministers Made of

posted: March 28, 2018

My new book What Prime Ministers are Made of was published at the beginning of February. (It is somewhat influenced by the 'old' 2004 US book 

What Presidents are Made of.)


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Interview with Prof. Yoram Yovel

posted: September 18, 2017

Here's a conversation I really enjoyed having with Prof. Yoram Yovel on his TV program "Soul Talk".

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New Book Out

posted: January 03, 2017

My new book for children, One Pink Glove, is out today in Israel.

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Amdocs Innovation Week

posted: November 19, 2016

During the past few months we've worked together with the Innovation team at Amdocs preparing a creative activity for their Innovation Week. It eventually led to hundreds of Amdocs employees creating self portraits in workshops that were held in parallel in Pune, India and in Raanana, Israel.


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Coalition for Civil Rights in Israel

posted: October 07, 2016

This is a series of illustrations done for a coalition of Civil Rights organizations in Israel to promote and defend democratic values, such as diversity of opinions, rights of minorities, the independence of the Supreme Court, the right to protest and others within the Israeli Society.

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Shimon Peres

posted: September 30, 2016

Israeli eldest stateman, Shimon Peres passed away this week.

It is an opportunity to write about this image created in 2000 for Haaretz.

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