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posted: January 31, 2007

The Golem is a story I have been playing with for some years now since Dalit Lev my editor in Am Oved, Israel, suggested I llustrate it. The original legend seemed so dark and sad and violent that I had an immediate urge to slightly change it. (as a matter of fact there isn't really AN original Golem story but many many versions so what the more coming)
What I really like about the subject is that it is about  'dead matter coming to life through magic...'  well..isn't that what happens when we do a good collage?

So that's is a project I am working on nowadays. (even though the 'nowadays' word can be extended to the last 3 years..) Yes it is going slow but when Vicente Ferrer the editor of Media Vaca in Valencia called me to participate in an Illustrated Diccionary in which I could choose my own word to illustrate I chose Golem and therefore finally made a first early prototype. Above is what I sent him (it is a 2 color page) and below you can see the full body one laying on the floor of my studio waiting to come to life as a children book hopefully in the next couple of years. Israeli writer Ran Sarig is working on the text and storyline with me.
More to come on this subject!

The Golem's head is a Paellera.

Another Golem laying in the studio.


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