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Family Matters - 2 thirds done

posted: September 07, 2012

(this is the way the Wall looks right now - More Pixels will be done in the Sukkot vacation.)


This past summer I had one of the most emotionally and exciting adventures in all of my artistic career.
Over the course of 3 weeks, more than 2200 families came to the Beth Hatfutsot Museum in Tel Aviv and inspired by my art, they created a picture which described their family. These pictures, made with every-day objects were photographed and putting them all together, I am in the process of creating a 12 x 3 meters mural in the Museum which describes some chapters in the history of the Jewish people.

The idea is that each family is part of the larger story.

A play between individual, family and community.

I personally met around 1000 families! 

While I am used by now to people utilizing 'my style of work' to create their own art and to express something with it, the spectacle of so many families sitting around a table full of objects of all kinds and seriously discussing what really fits the way in which they see themselves was VERY exciting to watch.
I saw many families which included three generations in long discussions and I know of at least one family in which 4 generations sat together and played this game.

This project was conceived together with Shelley Kedar the Director of The International School for Jewish Peoplehood Studies and its preparations took over 8 months, with around 50 people working on it on and off during these three weeks. Conducting a project like that is a big enterprise and it couldn't have been made in such great way without the involvement of several people and organizations: the Indigo division of HP were early supporters of us and gave us the necessary energy to run forward with it.  Artish were the big producers of this project and of course the wonderful staff at Beth Hatefutsot.

This project showed me once again the power that, for lack of a better term, Drawing with Objects has!
It gives the possibility for anyone to use the most common objects, not only to develop their creativity, making a piece of art but also to communicate an idea or a feeling. More so, it opens the space for a group of people (family, friends, co-workers) to actually discuss serious issues around a table filled with toys, in a playful calm and colorful environment.

And here's the presentation movie that each participating family watched!

(made by Hilltop)

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