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posted: October 01, 2012

As we introduce FaceWorld™ it is a good time for me to do a little balance of what we have gone through with Faces iMake throughout the last almost 3 years since we started working on it.

We launched Faces iMake almost 2 and a half years ago for the iPhone and iPod. A year ago we added a much better version for the iPad. Over this period, more than 800,000 people downloaded our App and we have received countless of good press reviews and some prestigious awards such as a Parents’ Choice Gold Award. Apple has embraced us and has promoted us from time to time so we definitely have felt and feel like our work and our App is valued and appreciated.

But, there were two questions that have been challenging us all this time: the first one was how to give more and more possibilities of objects, understanding that for really using the App to express something meaningful, the user needs to have tons of possibilities.

(This is what I constantly stress in my hands-on workshop: you need 100 objects to find the 1 you really want to use).
The second question and challenge was how to transform the experience from an individual one to a collective one where communication and a dialog is created through the art and where it almost becomes a real game.

In the past 6 months Eyal and I with our great team of designers and programmers have been working really hard on FaceWorld and as we are ready to introduce it to Faces iMake, I feel that these two challenges are finally addressed.

Eyal, my partner, and I started thinking about FaceWorld™ probably over one year ago.
(I have to say that the real dreamer of this and the engine behind it, is definitely Eyal, who understands much better than me the online and the Apps world.)

But, wait… what is FaceWorld™?

FaceWorld™ - Featured Artist     FaceWorld™ - main screen    

FaceWorld™ - featured gallery

OK, so on the surface It is an online gallery where anyone using Faces iMake on the iPad can upload their creation to, and anyone using Faces iMake can access the gallery from their App and see what other people are doing.

But I feel that FaceWorld™ has the potential to be much more than just that.

For starters, there are (at least) 2 really great things about it: the first one is that anyone using Faces iMake can immediately download your creation, modify it in any way they want, and then upload it again in its new shape. This allows for the first time an almost instant ‘ping pong’ game of Faces iMake creations. It suddenly becomes not just an individual experience but it introduces the possibility of a game, a competition, a challenge, or in summary: a dialog.


The second cool idea is that when you download another person’s creation any object that the other person has added to their creation (remember that you can add any .png image either from the internet or photographed by you) will now be added to your own Faces iMake objects bank.
That really allows for an exponential growth of a common bank of objects. That bank will be created by that virtual community of Faces iMake users and it will be kept on FaceWorld. By downloading an image from FaceWorld you will add all its components to your own iPad. (once you save them to your Favorites folder)
The more you download, the more your bank of objects will expand.

So this is the story. As always, my work and in this case, the work we did with Eyal and our team, sends the energy out, and now, we can only wait and see how the users will respond to all this and what new energy will come back from them.

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