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Coexistence Workshop in Tel Aviv

posted: April 05, 2017

Last week in Tel Aviv, we held a workshop gathering together students from St Michael Highschool in Jaffa, (a highschool of Arab students) and students from Lady Davis in Tel Aviv (a school of Jewish students).

The kids from Jaffa came to visit the kids form Tel Aviv and in mixed groups of 4 created "what they are made of". It was a chance to discover how they are alike and how different.

For me it is always such a pleasure to conduct a workshop like this and discover once again how playing makes everyone enter a new place. As a teacher in Boston once told 1st graders following one of my workshops: "When you play with someone who is not you're friend, during the playing time, you become friends".

This is so true for every age and the objects and toys show that to me again and again.

The workshop was organized by wonderful educators at the Minisitry of Education (yes there are some people there with their heart at the right place) working hard to create bridges.


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