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Coalition for Civil Rights in Israel

posted: October 07, 2016

This is a series of illustrations done for a coalition of Civil Rights organizations in Israel to promote and defend democratic values, such as diversity of opinions, rights of minorities, the independence of the Supreme Court, the right to protest and others within the Israeli Society.

This was a long process which started with a workshop in which delegates from the different organizations created their own posters in order to distill the messages they wanted to convey. Their creative process helped them figure out the content.

Their posters were my starting point yet as there were many sensitivities and many involved, we went through many sketches and changes. Narda Ben Yaacov provided the copy and a great slogan which doesn't fully translate to English. "Israel is home to all opinions" can also be read as "Israel is home without a doubt". In general all of Narda's copy can have a double meaning which made it really fun.

The very elegant typography and logo were designed by Studio Re-Levant.

"There is a place for you at home"

"Feel free to protest"

"It's good to have breaks"

"Without all sounds there are no winners (or conductors)"

"There are many ways to be Israelies"

"Even though we don't see eye to eye"



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