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posted: September 18, 2009

A little while ago I got notice that 'My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks' won the Chickadee Award
chosen by the children of Maine.I am so damn proud that 2997 kids voted for my book!
Nothing better than kids liking what you do!

Annie Kelly and moi with the Chickadee Award!

Last week in NY I finally received the physical award (a nice print of a ...chickadee) and it was a good opportunity to share it with my lovely editor Annie Kelley at S&W Books.
Annie has edited both this book and What Presidents are Made of, which are my two most commercially successful books. (she's not only a lucky charm but much more)
As a matter of fact Smelly Dog started with an idea Annie had sent over to me. So without her this book wouldn't have existed, and even then it would have been less good without her close monitoring.  We have always worked very well together and even though now we are in the midst of working on another book and she is driving me nuts, (not letting me cut any corners), I still like Annie very very much!!
Thank you Annie for everything!
(just give me a break every now and what if no one gets what I wrote?)

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