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Aulas Creativas

posted: February 21, 2013

Aulas Creativas is a new initiative I am involved with in Spain. We are still at the very initial steps and launched it in Madrid last week in the Education Fair, Interdidac where we held 2 mega workshops.

It is basically a community of educators, thinkers, artists, teachers and more who meet online and sometimes offline as well.

The idea is very simple: Thinkers and Artists, who are present in the educational world, can inspire teachers to become more creative. More so, teachers can inspire each other if they have the right community to do so. There is a huge need in Spain for this type of dialogue.

So that is the idea: we have now 3 initial "Aulas" (Classrooms) working but the idea is to have dozens of them, hopefuly very soon.

My new book in Spanish is sold through Aulas Creativas website and can be bought here:


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