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Apple and Faces iMake - an ups and downs relationship.

posted: October 15, 2011

More than a year and a half ago, Eyal Dessau Tzafrir contacted me to create an iPhone App together. After having turned down some other entrepreneurs before, Eyal seemed so enthusiastic, that it was hard not to decide to jump into the venture with him.
We worked hard for 3 months with wonderful programmers and graphic designers and launched Faces iMake for the iPhone in March 2010. Faces iMake has received since then wonderful reviews and awards.

When you make an App (or a book or any creative project) you think it is the most wonderful and special baby, yet hundreds of thousands of Apps compete for attention and pretty soon it became obvious that the most significant factor that influences whether your App gets noticed or not is whether the people at the iTunes App store (meaning Apple) pay attention to it and decide to feature it and promote it in any way on their front pages of the store.
However there is no way to get their attention, to make a submission, no "send you new app to this address so we can consider featuring it"

The App store never paid attention to Faces iMake for the iphone which was obviously a source of disappointment for both Eyal and myself. The great reviews kept coming, but from Apple, nada.

Nevertheless, Eyal has been so remarkably dedicated to keep developing Faces iMake and kept pushing to make it better and better. My wife Janet joined in the efforts and indeed Faces imake has come a long way since the first version. Following more months of developing last month we launched Faces iMake for the iPad.
Yet the world didn't seem to notice it.  Then a couple of weeks ago Eyal received a surprising mail from Apple saying: 'we are excited about Faces iMake and want to promote it'  Bang. A word from God. (actually Steve Jobs was still alive then..)
So indeed a couple of days later Faces IMake appeared on the front page of the store and suddenly the sales of it were multiplied by a gazillion factor.
Faces iMake made it for a tiny little while to the 5th place in Educational Apps which was quite amazing since it doesn't teach reading or Math or Science.

It is specially gratifying to see how happy Eyal is to finally see his App recognized and promoted by Apple. So we are enjoying for now this little focus from Apple but realizing how it will be taken away very soon and our rankings will go down again. It seems unfair how much power a company or in this case a couple of young people in an office in Apple's headquarters have, but this is a different discussion. For better or worse, they made it possible for 3 guys in Israel and a guy in Barcelona to create something and easily sell it, within a week, all over the world.


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by George Cowdery

December 01

Faces iMake is great. The app world is like the real world. One day your on top of the heap, the next day you're in the gutter. But you guys keep us looking at the stars with your whimsical app. Gratuitous Advice: Change the logo (keep it fresh. Offer a temporary price (free) on AppShopper for a couple of days. (Doing this might keep the buzz going.) Get the word out to schools and art teachers.

by Eyal

October 18

I know Eyal and you are in good hands. I am sure you will reach new peaks together. My kids love your app and play with it all the time. Ariel

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